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He said she could have singlehandedly taken on those in the Brixton Riots, but could also be found out in the fields talking to the magical fairies and angels she believed in. She is a startling redhead who was at the forefront of many social protests and political rallies in the s; someone who has fought for the underdog but is constantly too trusting and gullible in business.

She gives away her time and money — and struggles to keep financially afloat.

This placement defines her. The first degree of Aries needs a clear-cut cause — now! Its enthusiasm lies in getting other people to share information, to break the ice, speak out and communicate. The urge to be heard, understood and in dialogue is strongest here, as is the flicker of boredom in the eyes when something newer or more tantalizing comes along. With Venus on the MC, he was known for his numerous wives and his search for one who could deliver — literally and quickly.

Or, simply put, to separate the bull — Taurus — from the bullshit — Gemini! But wait, all of the above are Gemini traits and themes, whatever the degree of Gemini. The understanding here is that to achieve, one must sign up to an apprenticeship, to be of service to a greater good, to have pure intentions, and to attend to the body and its needs. These are things that truly touch the soul. The planet has changed sign, element and mode. In forecasting, I use solar arc directions, where everything in the chart the planets, angles, house cusps, even retrograde planets moves forward a degree a year.

A favourite example of mine that I often use is the chart of Pamela Anderson. Leo is linked to the centrefold and big blonde hair, and being a Sun in Cancer in the 1st house, Pamela Anderson was ready to show off her weapons of mass distraction. Whether the transition to a new sign is easy or fraught depends on numerous things, including the planets waiting in the new sign. Her Sun already in the 7th house had left the safety and stability of Taurus — the sign of her Moon and Descendant — and moved into somewhat uncomfortable, unstable ground in Gemini where Mars, Saturn and Uranus sit. A solar arc planet in mid-Virgo, for instance, will be in the centre of chaos or bedlam for that year — snowed under with work, or perhaps dealing with health issues throw the person off kilter.

Many people who engage in the cut and thrust of politics have personal planets at cardinal middle degrees. Her solar arc Moon reached mid Cancer when she put her foot in her mouth and announced that most eggs were contaminated by salmonella. This caused a sudden and massive drop in egg sales and led to her resignation. The Moon and Cancer are, of course, linked to eggs and chickens and what people buy to eat daily.

Note, too, how solar arc Mercury in Sagittarius foot-in-mouth disease! In fixed middle degrees, the planet is at its most permanent, solid and durable but sometimes feels stagnant or stuck in the areas linked to that planet and sign. By solar arc, it can be a year of feeling stable or trapped. It can be a year of changeability, vacillation and instability. We know of the various terrorist and bomb threats over the years.

The Twin Towers have Saturn in Gemini at the most precarious of degrees — not a safe bet for a construction of that size and importance. And what about the Zeebrugge ferry disaster in which people died? Traditional astrologers awarded the malefics rulership over the final degrees of the signs. Some horary practitioners observe that the querent can do nothing to affect the outcome.

By now the planet is a seasoned player. Here are some examples. This might mean tap-dancing on a window ledge or walking the high-wire with no net. Having been through Aries, a planet now revels in its devil-may-care spontaneity — before it has to slow down in Taurus. What do they say about Taurus?

Taurus starts slow … and then peters out. It can also employ force and is no longer afraid of or deterred by violence. This is a disorientating place of transition, waiting and not knowing — when you have left the tried and true the comfort zone but have not yet been able to replace it with anything else. She was waiting for Mars to reach the final degree this morning!

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This is the chart of a do-or-die man who knows nothing but full-on intensity and extreme behaviour in his fight against all odds. Another master of the game, Billie Jean King , the tennis legend, has the Sun at the final degree of Scorpio. Yet, King is someone who hates confrontation and, with her Moon-Neptune conjunction, was never quite comfortable with the feminist ideology of the time, which she felt could be intolerant and doctrinaire. Scorpio is a politically savvy sign that experiences and is adept at handling crises and extremes.

At the final degree, in Scorpio, there may be: lifelong compulsions; a steely will, tunnel vision and total intensity one-on-one; an unflinching focus on the final, ultimate goal be that victory or an obsession with death and endings ; an ability to execute under pressure; an all-or-nothing, fight-to-the-death, winner-take-all philosophy; authenticity; emotional inscrutability; and an innate understanding of the relationship between power, money, sex, politics and gender.

I always think Scorpio should go into one of the 3 Ps: politics, psychology or prostitution. The final degree of Scorpio knows how to play the game — how to suss out the competition and devise a strategy. The match had 30, spectators and 40 million at home in front of their televisions. It divided America into men for Bobby and women for Billie Jean.

Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-12222

Venus was in powerful, premeditated and poker-faced Scorpio. It stood less than one degree opposite Mars in solid but slow Taurus, which had turned retrograde the day before. King stayed focused and made Riggs look old and slow. She won in straight sets! It was an over-the-top, surreal spectacle befitting Sagittarius: one loud night of high drama, hyperbole and publicity on the world stage.

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It would overshadow the lifelong sporting achievements of both athletes. The win over Riggs would give King and her cause the professional credibility she craved the Sun directed from Sagittarius to Capricorn soon after. She had the Moon at the final degree of Sagittarius. What a gaffe that action proved to be! Hopefully, a final one. And the solar arc was all the more potent since natal Mercury rules her Midheaven her reputation and comes from a conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house. This is not a woman who can hold on to her many secrets.

Interestingly, documentary-maker Nick Broomfield made a fascinating film about Fleiss and his Sun is also on this conjunction. She sure knows how to bring them in. Although she never wanted to be famous or exposed Scorpio prefers to keep control in the boardroom, not on the stage , she was one of the most influential madams in the US — and all before her Saturn Return. Her power extended to playing matchmaker to the richest men in the world, pairing them with women tailored for their every fantasy. Her arrogant and cocky persona proved her downfall.

But she later served 20 months inside for tax evasion when the MC moved into Capricorn. And then it was over. Mars closely trines Pluto. Billy Tipton was a jazz musician who married four times.

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Not until his post-mortem was it revealed that Billy was really a woman — who had lived life as a man so as to be accepted as a musician in the s and s. When it aired two weeks later, Pluto had moved into less-than-cautious Sagittarius. She also became the Lady of the Lake. Facing the humiliation of defeat in a leadership contest and a lack of support from colleagues, the three-time Prime Minister signed her resignation statement at a.

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Curabitur at tristique sapien, ut aliquam mi. Nulla facilisi. Sed pellentesque ante sit amet nulla elementum euismod. Ut sit amet augue vitae leo tincidunt posuere eu in eros. Nulla fringilla libero quis elit feugiat posuere. Duis non dignissim nibh. Transgender Survey found… II. Of course those who have permanently de-transitioned probably would not have taken the survey. But you can see from the study that the majority of those who de-transitioned at least for a time did so because societal pressures and only 0. So I label this article as suspicious, biased, and lacking any hard data.

Labels: media , trans stuff. Today is the first Monday in October, the day the Supreme Court begins the new session. There is much at stake today [ Ops Whether we are treated as human beings or as sub-humans is in the hands of nine people. A little history … The first Supreme Court case that is used as precedent in court cases was Oncale v.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Sundowner Offshore Servs. The next case that is used as precedent in court cases about our rights is the classic case Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins which said that sex stereotyping is covered in Title VII. Then the case that I liked what the judge said in his ruling was, Schroer v. Billington where the Library of Congress refused to hire a trans woman, The court stated that since the employer refused to hire the plaintiff because she planned to change her anatomical sex by undergoing sex reassignment surgery, the employer's decision was literally discrimination "because of Prol September 13, On October 8, two days into the U.

The court will hear arguments in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, Case No. Zarda, Case No. Then, in R.

Harris Funeral Homes v. The two sexual orientation discrimination cases are consolidated into a one-hour argument, with the plaintiff-employee appealing in Bostock and the defendant-employer appealing in Altitude Express, followed by a one-hour argument scheduled in R. Harris Funeral Homes, where that employer is also appealing.