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Relaxing Sounds Rated 3. Crafts Beautiful Rated 3 out of 5 stars. Jobs and Employment Rated 3. Doctor Pro Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Sewing World Rated 3 out of 5 stars. Approximate size Age rating For all ages. Category Lifestyle. This app can Access your Internet connection. Permissions info. Installation Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

Language supported English United States. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. Report this product Report this app to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. Since we live in a digital age, Future Point has forayed into this domain as well by launching an Online Astrology Magazine that is available at www.

In this web portal you shall be reading several worthy articles dealing with various areas of life and astrology for the year like:.

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If we know our lucky number, it can help us synchronize a lot of things or events in our life which can reduce obstacles in our life and help in achieving success The continous use of your lucky color calculated on the basis of numerology in your day to day life develops your personality and make you more successful The Rainbow which is formed by the rays of the Sun passing through the drops of water in the sky exhibits all natural colours together Consult world's best Astrologer Get rid of your problems. Consult our Experts View all Dr. LeoStar software series has various windows based astrology softwares and out of these LeoStar Expert is best Leo astrology software.

For androids these softwares fall under LeoTouch series. By registering to this application any astrological website can show online presence of astrology software. LeoStar API is best online astrology software. Why should you buy astrology software LeoStar? Leostar is the result of meretorious and intensive research work of 40 years. The initial version of this best Vedic Astrology Software was launched in the year by the name Leo Vedic astrology software LeoStar is user friendly, an ocean of extensive features, calculations, predictions, remedial measures, Panchang, books, calendar etc.

It is the only software which can cast the accurate horoscopes of the people borne abroad and that is why accepted as best horoscope software in India and abroad by most distinguished professional astrologers. Because of the growing demand of this astrology software among professional astrologers the Professional Edition of it was released in the year the upgraded version of the same is LeoStar Professional software. Because of these so many qualities this astrological software is rightly termed as professional astrology software.

Buy Now Know More. Leo Forecast is the only software in India which can predict about share market trend. One blow of share market can ruin a share market investor whereas one great decision can turn a player into a millionaire. Share market investors always needed an astrological assistance which could help them to know something about the probable share market trend.

This is the only software which caters to this need of investors. Astrology software LeoStar was launched as Leo 99 in that era when astrologers used to to do the calculations of mathematics of astrology manually. It claimed to champion the challenge of taping the Vedic Astrology mathematics in it but for the community of astrologers at that time it was difficult to understand that how an astrology software can cast a horoscope therefore it went through the test of authenticity and accuracy several times and finally the all most distinguished astrologers of astrologer community at that time accepted it as a true representative of the mathematics of Indian Astrology and its accuracy was also checked and verified by top class international astrologers too and fortunately it passed all tests of its verification and finally won the title of being best Indian astrology software and at that time people used to call it as best Jyotish software.

But other programs are carefully enhanced, with new features added regularly. The astrological implications of this event, and those born during it, are likely to be profound. Tuesday, September 20, Running Solar Fire on a Mac Many astrologers purchase Mac computers because of the greater ease-of-use of Macs, and the greater safety from malware. But there are very few Mac-native astrology programs, and so many Mac owners choose to install Windows on their Macs, in order to run PC astrology programs. The program of choice for most Mac owners is Solar Fire, both because it has the most Mac-like interface even more than some Mac-native programs , and because it is much more powerful than any Mac-native program.

Esoteric the creator of Solar Fire offers detailed information on installing Solar Fire on a Mac here , and Astrolabe the worldwide purveyor of Solar Fire has instructions here , and important problem-solving information here. As most of you know, you can get Solar Fire through me at the best price with many extras here. All of these maps enable you to see exactly where the total eclipse is visible.

This forthcoming total eclipse will be viewable across the United States. In the future, you might visit the NASA website to see more detailed maps of upcoming eclipses. Wednesday, September 7, Factors to consider in assessing a life theme My new Vedic tutorial On my Learn Astrology Free website, which has over tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology written by me, I've just added a new article called, "Factors to consider in assessing a life theme" here.

Wednesday, August 24, The Most Reliable Astrology Software Over the past 38 years, I have explored virtually every astrology program made in the West, and many created in the East. I've encountered programs that were almost impossible to install, ones with very serious calculation errors, some with quite a few bugs, and many that crashed. I've also received feedback from hundreds of astrologers about their challenges with particular programs. You can even download the files in. Tuesday, August 9, Amazing video of Mars at Opposition As astronomers and astrologers know, a planet in orbit beyond the Earth is visibly largest at opposition.

In this amazing video , you get to see Mars actually change in size as it approaches opposition. Wednesday, August 3, Going Deeper into Retrogrades a gift from Astrolabe Astrolabe, the makers of Solar Fire and many other programs and reports, has created a PDF file explaining the three different Retrograde phases and Mercury Retrograde, and also provides a fine table for showing all of the planetary shadow periods and stations.

You can get the article here. And an annotated image here. The photo reveals details as small as 20 miles to 30 miles across. This observation was made just a few days before Mars opposition on May 22, when the sun and Mars will be on exact opposite sides of Earth. Mars also will be On May 30, Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth in 11 years, at a distance of Mars is especially photogenic during opposition because it can be seen fully illuminated by the sun as viewed from Earth.

Monday, July 18, The entire text of Vettius Valens Anthologies , Book 1 Curtis Manwaring is the creator of the preeminent Hellenistic programs The Delphic Oracle and Timaeus Pro -- both of which he has placed on sale right now for a huge discount. You can read my Mountain Astrologer review of the previous version of the Delphic Oracle here , and my review of an earlier version of Timaeus here.

These reviews cover most of the features of both programs, and so are still quite relevant.

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

Curtis has kindly given me this public link to a free PDF of Book 1 of the Vettius Valens Anthology for everyone who wants to study the texts of one of the Hellenistic masters. Thank you, Curtis! This feature allows you to search through your chart files for those charts that have specific astrological factors present. Friday, July 1, Sources of free astrology ebooks I just got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday, and began looking for astrology books that I can install and read on it.

Here is a website with links to many different sources of astrology ebooks. You can read my overview of the new features here. I also updated my section on the fine reports that work with AstrolDeluxe here. Sunday, June 19, New updates for Solar Fire and the ACS atlas Astrolabe has just released an important new update to Solar Fire 9 which includes many atlas improvements, interpretations for Lunar Returns, and a new chart file of over charts of famous astrologers through the ages. They have also released an update to the standalone ACS atlas. You can get the updates here.

Monday, June 13, An Incredible view of Venus Late last year, the Japan-launched robotic Akatsuki spacecraft entered orbit around Venus, and took a breathtaking photograph of it using infrared light, which you can view here. May you enjoy it as much as I do. Tuesday, June 7, A new page in my blog on the mystical oil called Oud As some of you know, I've been exploring aromatherapy , and have discoved an amazing, and rare, essential oil called Oud. I just added a new page to the blog on Oud, which you can read here. You can also start at the beginning of the blog here.

You can choose from different categories, completely control which ones to add, and use them throughout Solar Fire. You can learn more about this add-on, or to get it, here. Tuesday, May 24, An incredible 3d video of the flyby of Pluto I have seldom been as impressed with the breakthrough technology is making than in the creation of this three dimensional video of the flyby of the planet Pluto.

If you use the app, as you watch the flyby, you can use your device's arrow keys or your finger on the touch screen to drag the image around, and see different regions of Pluto! Truly amazing. If you don't have an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet, you can still watch the video on YouTube here , and move and drag the video to see more of Pluto by using the cursor shown at the top left of the video: I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wednesday, May 18, My latest tutorial: The Vedic Relocation Chart I recently looked at my relocated chart for California using the Vedic chart instead of the Western one, and was profoundly struck by its accuracy and relevance. That inspired me to write this article, which you can read here. Thursday, May 12, Rectifying charts with astrology software One of the questions I am frequently asked by astrologers is what astrology program can rectify a person's charts for them. In order to address this issue, I've written a new article, Rectifying Charts using Astrology Software , which you can read here.

Wednesday, May 4, Getting your astrology software to work with Windows 10 Windows 10 is, as most people know, a very major change from Windows 7, and requires more maintenance than Windows 7 does. There are frequent updates, and when Windows gives you the option of delaying the installation of those updates, and you do delay installing them, problems can occur. For instance, you might click on the icon for your astrology program and nothing happens.

If so, reboot and let Windows 10 install all of the updates to itself that it wants to. Also, it's always a good idea, after first installing a program under Windows 10, to reboot, so the changes are integrated into Windows. Wednesday, April 20, Jagannatha Hora updated!

The foremost free and amazingly powerful Vedic astrology program, Jagannatha Hora, has just been updated to version 8. You can see the changes here. And download it here. Wednesday, April 13, View all of the issues of the astrology magazine Considerations The entire collection of the Considerations astrology magazine is now available online here. And you can see an index of all of the articles here. And every issue can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file using the download icon.

Tuesday, April 5, Rising Cost of Astrology Software When Cosmic Patterns significantly updated Kepler many years ago and rebranded it as Sirius and more than doubled its price, the company began a pattern that is now bearing fruit elsewhere. A couple of astrology software companies in the last few months have raised their prices with their latest releases, and I anticipate more price increases to come. One might ask, "are these rising prices justified? Not to mention the very costly customer support. So that even if it seems that the price increases in some cases seem disproportionate to the improvements in the new version, such increases were a long time coming.

We astrologers are incredibly blessed by the work of astrological programmers, and the incredible creations that they offer us. Wednesday, March 30, Windows on Earth: Astronaut Photography I just stumbled across this website which shows over a thousand pictures taken by astronauts from the space station of the Earth, the Moon, Aurora, and more. There are even 41 movies as the station traverses the Earth. Tuesday, March 22, My Software Reviews page updated!

It's been a while since I updated my software reviews web page with links to my latest reviews. I've just added several new links, and you can see them all here. As most astrologers know, the eclipse will most effect those people who have planets or angles within a degree or so of 19 degrees of Pisces or Virgo.

Astro Gold Astrology app

The actual eclipse was at 18 degrees 56 minutes of Pisces. For those of you who haven't visited it yet, I have written over tutorials in both Western and Vedic astrology and two reading lists and I add a new article bimonthly. I explored it thoroughly and here's my review from The Mountain Astrologer. Wednesday, February 24, Atlas update for Prometheus Prometheus Owners: please update the program's atlas to the latest time changes here. Many blessings to you.

Tuesday, February 16, Top 6 Must-See Sky Events for National Geographic's website has a very nice article on the most important visible astronomical events of the year, here. They include an eclipse, Mercury's transit over the face of the Sun, and a very tight conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Wednesday, February 10, Astrocalc 6. You can view it here.

Wednesday, January 27, A Journey into the World of Oudh my newest blog I have started a blog on Oud, aka Agarwood oil, the most transcendental fragrant oil of all. Oud has been used for spiritual work and in perfumes for hundreds of years, and I've been exploring it for just over a year. You can read my four page Oud blog starting here. While this, like my aromatherapy blog, is not directly related to astrology or astrology software, both are related to consciousness, and anything that fosters deeper awareness can support a more profound understanding of astrology.

And an amazing video of the sharpest images of Pluto's surface here. Here's one on Free Tools for Astrology. Friday, January 1, Truffle Making -- My New Approaches In my decades of exploring chocolate truffle making, I've had many breakthroughs, especially recently. In order to share them, I created a new article, which you can read here.

Monday, December 28, Understanding the Rings of Saturn Astronomers have recently made breakthroughs in understanding the structure and patterns in Saturn's rings. I've run across a groundbreaking article about them here , and a new set of photos of Saturn here. Saturday, December 5, The Last two-for-one sale of Solar Writers Esoteric Technologies, the creators of Solar Fire and the Solar Writer reports, has stopped offering 2 reports for the price of one, but they have kindly allowed me to offer this deal one more time. You can get any two reports for the price of one or 4 for 2, etc.

Hot Degrees shows all of the major astrological events of the upcoming year, and can be both viewed and downloaded. I am very grateful to Astrolabe for all that they have contributed to astrology and astrologers. It turns out that the orbits of the minor satellites moons of Pluto defy scientific understanding. Many of you might not know that because Charon Pluto's largest moon is so large, in fact more than half of the size of Pluto, astronomers consider the pair as a double planet system, i. Pluto and Charon orbiting each other. This might contribute to the never-seen-before motions of the other moons.

You can see an animation of the moons here and here , a video of the incredibly varied orbit of Nix here , and an informative infographic about them all here. Shri Jyoti Star is used by many of the top Jyotishis, and the latest version has many new and improved features. You can read about Shri Jyoti Star here , and purchase it at the sale price here.

My journey with scents has been very amazing, and I continue to learn and discover so much. I hope you enjoy them. Tuesday, October 27, Kepler 8. Cosmic Patterns has, at long last, updated their Kepler software. The new update incorporates several of the features already present in the company's Sirius software including: Over a million locations in the atlas The much-improved in Sirius Page Designer The same interface improvements that Sirius has and more including add-ons for purchase that enable you to include more of Sirius's features like the astro-calendar You can see a comparison grid of the updates here.

Since I don't represent Cosmic Patterns any more, please order directly from the company. I hope that you find value in it. Saturday, October 10, Planetdance updated! Planetdance, the free software that I reviewed in The Mountain Astrologer, in its Windows version now has a full time-change atlas for the World!

You can read all about Planetdance here , and download the Windows version here. Sunday, October 4, The latest Supermoon Lunar Eclipse The latest Lunar Eclipse made headlines because of its uniqueness, its color, and it arriving when the Moon was closest to the Earth. Monday, September 28, Samples of all of the reports built into Solar Fire All of the professional astrology programs have reports included in them. Many are quite short, some are longer, and most are not suitable for resale hence the market for add-on reports.

I invite all astrologers thinking of buying Solar Fire for whom interpretations are important to please explore these before purchasing Solar Fire. Until late last year, I'd never heard of Oud, aka Agarwood Oil. It's the rarest and most expensive essential oil in the world, worth more than its weight than gold, and it has the ability to both ground you and open you spiritually in a profound way. Two of the very best ouds that I have found have just gone on sale for a short time.

The purveyor, Ensar Oud, is known as the best Oud distiller and purveyor. I hold him in great respect. I do not get any commission or perks by recommending his Ouds. His Assam is the the most spiritual and uplifting Oud that he has, with a very lovely and aligning fragrance. His Oud Yusuf is not only exquisite in scent, evoking lilies and lilac, and completely ethically harvested only the Oud-laden portions of the trees are removed.

The trees still live. I have sampled over Ouds so far most in tiny amounts , and just want you, my readers, to have the benefits of my quest. Sunday, September 6, I updated my free software demos page Since most companies allow you to download and explore a free demo of their software before buying it, I've created a page with links to all of the program demos.

I've just updated the page to include the link for the phenomenal program Prometheus , and you can see all of the links and get the demos here. Monday, August 24, Morinus free traditional astrology software -- updated! The original site describing it is here , and you can download the latest version here. There are astrologers who want this capability, especially for very large cities, where your astrology program might give you the coordinates for somewhere in the city that's fairly far away from your precise location.

You can explore both approaches and get precise coordinates here. Just remember that the site does not give time zones or time changes. Would you like to see a new lovely photo of the Solar System, the Earth, and the Universe appear every day as your computer's wallpaper? Go here , and you can download the latest version of this program.

The author is just released a Heliocentric version of his program, which you can learn about and purchase here. Some of the best images from its voyage can be found here. Note: Be sure to click on the photo to see additional ones. Monday, July 20, My latest tutorial Understanding Houses: Part One This is the first of a series of articles exploring the meanings of the houses, both individually and in groups, including an exploration of the Rising Sign, house cusps, and more. You can read Part One here.

I have rewritten a lot of the material in my aromatherapy blog because I've gotten much more experience in learning about and using essential oils. You can start reading the blog here , but my biggest changes are in the second installment , where I've created a table of the best essential oil companies, their greatest oils, and more.

I just added another page to the blog here , on my favorite scents so far. I am happy to report that the results of my extensive research, finding and testing iOS and Android astrology apps, has been published in the latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer as a feature article. Tuesday, June 23, Introducing Planetdance Available for the PC for free and for Android devices for a nominal price , Planetdance is a very well-designed astrology program with some unique and amazing features. You can learn all about it here.

I had to prepare a Vitae of my life learning experiences and thought that you, my website visitors, might like to see it. So I uploaded it here. Tuesday, June 9, Birth month may correlate to some diseases As astrologers know, the time of year a person is born affects their temperament and nature on many levels. Now a study has been released, which you can read here , that explores the incidence of various diseases based upon birth month.

Apparently, more such studies are in the offing. Wednesday, June 3, 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World Astrologers are often fascinated with maps, and we cast charts for different countries, astromaps and eclipse maps of local and global regions, etc.

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This website offers an amazing set of World and local maps that are really worth exploring. Wednesday, May 27, Dazzled by Power part three: Significators and Astrological Modeling I just completed my final section of my Dazzled by Power article, which is also an excellent primer on the excessive reliance on significators in astrology.

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Tuesday, May 19, Shri Jyoti Star 7 has been released! Andrew Foss has released the latest version of the preeminent Vedic astrology program Shri Jyoti Star. You can read about Shri Jyoti Star 7 and purchase it here. And get the upgrade from an earlier version here. Sunday, May 10, Haydn's Jyotish Online -- free Vedic charts Haydn Huntley, the author of Haydn's Jyotish, has created a website that will calculate Vedic charts online for any computer. The online version uses the Swiss Ephemeris for accuracy, an improved version of the ACS atlas for auto-lookup of longitudes, latitudes, time zones, and time changes, and is free!

On the site, you can calculate Rasi, Varga, and Chaleta Bhava charts, Ashtakavarga, different Lagna charts including Arudha , tables of Rasi Aspects and Friendships, Vimshottari Dasas up to three levels, and chart analysis pages including pages on each of the planets and houses and on the overall chart. You can visit this excellent website here. Monday, May 4, What's new in Solar Fire 9 -- updated!

I'm taking a week off as I develop part three of my Dazzled by Power article, which is going to be a whole new article on "The Chart is not the Person". I've just written Part One of an ongoing article examining this issue, and hope it proves of value for you. I will be writing additional articles in TMA on apps too, so if you come across an astrology app that you like, please continue to let me know. To find out which are the best apps, please get the next issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

As a result, one device might have charts created that are not present on their other device. Esoteric Technologies, the creators of Solar Fire, have kindly created an instruction sheet on how to best merge chart files, which you can read here. The asteroids install easily, and can be used in wheels as User-defined points within wheels, or as Extra Ring points, as well as in listings like Solar Fire's Chart Analysis Report, Aspect List, Sensitive Points list, and more.

You can purchase it through them here via download or on a CD. Monday, March 16, Running astrology software on two or more PCs I frequently get asked by those about to purchase astrology software if they are allowed to run the program on more than one PC. Since many astrologers have desktops, laptops, and tablets, it is useful to be able to install their astrology software on all of their devices. My answer is simple: you can install and run your astrology programs on as many devices as you own.

Of course, if the astrology program itself runs under Windows, then your devices all have to run Windows too. But in responding to a customer's query, she brought up another issue: do the chart files sync across all of the PCs. The answer is no, they don't. Therefore, the best procedure is to enter all new data on only one of your PCs, and then use a flash drive to regularly copy the updated chart file to all of your other Windows devices.

Tuesday, March 10, Do you know of any astrology apps for the iPad or Android? I am in the process of preparing a full article for The Mountain Astrologer on astrology apps for the iPad and Android platforms, and need your help. If you know of any apps that you like that I should explore, please email me and let me know. Thank you very much! Wednesday, March 4, Gambling with Astrology I frequently receive emails from gamblers who want to use astrology to increase their winnings, and are looking for astrology software that will help them.

I am struck by many things that they never ask because they don't understand astrology enough : 1. Is it in my chart to make money via gambling? If a person's chart does not indicate success via gambling, then the best transits in the world won't help. Will positive transits reliably result in winning?

Positive transits may not affect financial status at all, depending upon which planets are transited, their status in the person's chart, the houses they rule, etc. Will negative transits affect my judgment, impulsiveness, groundedness, etc. It is naive to think that the universe is mechanical, and that a challenging transit will cause losses directly. In fact, if a transit makes you hasty, rash, overly idealistic, depressed, or otherwise influences your psyche, it will definitely affect your gambling behavior. What do I need to know about myself to be an effective gambler?

The whole point of natal astrology is an understanding of ones self, both the mundane "lot in life" themes and the psychological ones. Gamblers virtually never ask crucial questions about their makeup that will influence their success in gambling and in every other area of their lives. And no astrology programs oriented towards helping gamblers address any of the above issues! Whether one should gamble or not is a question each person should ask themselves, and astrology can help, but only if the above considerations are part of the equation.

Saturday, February 7, Part Two of my Mountain Astrologer review of the Prometheus astrology program I've uploaded part two of my review of the astrology program Prometheus here. Prometheus is an amazing professional-level program with many unique capabilities. I invite you to read the review and learn all about it. I ran AstroDatabank today on my Windows 7 system and realized that it is actually more functional than I had thought. It turns out that when you run WebUpdate, or add a filter, or do a search, if you encounter the AstroDatabank Error Report Screen, all you have to do is click on the cancel button and these functions work!

Sunday, January 25, A free set of astrological icons I was exploring free astrology software on the 'net and found a great set of astrological icons for free. You can download them, as well as explore all of the free astrology software I've discovered, here. May it prove of value to you.

Free Online Vedic Astrology Prediction | Future Point

It was a labor of love, taking many, many hours to complete, and involved first creating a Mind Map of the program, and then using Image Map software to create popup notes and links. The Image Map serves three different functions: 1. It lays out most of the features of Solar Fire, so that everyone can see what the program can do. If you move your mouse over any feature, a popup note tells you where to find that feature. And gives additional tips and information. If you click on the features that are shown in bold italic , a new window will open and show you a YouTube video tutorial that I created for that feature.

By clicking on the topic Solar Fire, for example, you will see my Introduction to Solar Fire tutorial video. I hope that my efforts prove valuable to you. As I create new Solar Fire tutorial videos, I will update this map to make accessing them easier. You can see the new Image Map here. Please contact me at my email address if you have any apps you like or have created. Happy Holidays to all. For those of you who are or wish to be astrological programmers, one of the foremost tools for programming is now free. Here is the link to learn more about the free offer and how to get it.

Happy Programming! While most practitioners of aromatherapy don't know or use astrology in their work, there are a few that do. Over time, I hope to learn the correlations between scents and planets, and see how they can work together. In the meantime, you might enjoy reading about my early experiences, here. Please visit my website on Thursday for my annual holiday astrology software sale. I will have many offerings this year, at great prices! Some of the sales are as short as four days, so please be sure and visit this weekend.

Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, November 19, Astrology Apps authors: please contact me! The current Mountain Astrologer issue posted this notice about it: But I need your help. If you've either created an astrology app or know of one that you really like, please contact me at stars soulhealing. Wednesday, November 12, Mars Retrograde animation To ancient Vedic astrologers, who observed the movements of the planets, the unpredictable nature of Mars' orbital path was confounding, Mars became the planet that "went its own way". The reason for this was that each time Mars goes retrograde, the path it takes is unique and never to be repeated.

Here's a page with several depictions of Mars retrograding. Be sure to look at the contrast between its retrograde path and its one at the bottom of the page. This page explains more about why the shapes can be different for each retrogradation. Most astrologers have never heard of Prometheus, unless they've read my two reviews of it in The Mountain Astrologer this year.

But when I first started exploring Prometheus, I was astounded by the many unique features and brilliant design ideas in the program. I have been working with Gavin Burns, the author of Prometheus, and know that he is continuing to develop the program. In fact, the next major update should be phenomenal! He has agreed to allow me to offer Prometheus on sale this holiday season through December 15th for an incredibly low price with a free update to version 2.

You can learn about many of the program's capabilities, and get it at the sale price here. Tuesday, October 28, My free astrology programs page updated! I've added it to my free astrology software page in the Vedic section, and will be reviewing it soon. Addendum : I just found out that the founder of the Astroamerica online bookstore has passed away, and his widow is looking for an astrologer to purchase the business. You can learn more about it here. Tuesday, October 21, Great at Every Price! I invite you to read it here. Tuesday, October 14, My Software Reviews page updated In response to a question by one of my website visitors, I discovered that I'd never added my Mountain Astrologer review of Solar Fire 8 to my website.

I updated both the review page and my software review page to reflect this addition. You can read my interview here. And read my latest tutorial article " The Art of Nakshatra Analysis " here. Tuesday, September 30, Laniakea: Our home supercluster Have you ever wondered where in the Universe we are? A series of Hawaiian scientists have developed a new technique to map the sky and where we are in it.

You can watch this amazing video about it here. Wednesday, September , My review of Sirius 2. They are incredibly responsive and have done an incredible job with this new version. I have begun my online review of Sirius 2. I've just updated my web page showing all of the astrology programs available for free for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux platforms. New software has been added and the page updated, too. You can visit it here. Tuesday, August 26, Sirius 2. As of today, August 26, , Sirius 2. You can order it and learn more about it here.

An interesting option is that if you already own Sirius 1. Otherwise it needs to be shipped to you. They have just released an extensive list of the improvements, changes, and new features, which you can learn about here. I look forward to getting Sirius 2. Wednesday, August 13, Jyotiz: A free Vedic astrology program Jyotiz is a free small astrology program for Windows that calculates Vedic natal, transit, and three divisional charts, shows a Panchanga and Planetary Details screen, and a Celtic wheel too.

If you use this program, please understand that it does not correct for time changes, so to get the correct chart, you will need to manually insert any time changes taking place at the time of birth. You can learn about Jyotiz and download it here. Wednesday, August 6, Introducing Sirius 2. Sirius 2. I have already pre-ordered Sirius 2. I look forward to exploring Sirius 2. I add new tutorials bimonthly. You can read the new article here.

I hope that you enjoy it! Sunday, July 20, The Lunarium website In my endless and joyous search for effective tools for astrologers, I stumbled upon the Lunarium website. When you place your mouse pointer over any ingress, the website shows you delineations and other important information. You can, and should, configure the calendar for your current location, to ensure the timings are correct. There are also tables of when planets retrograde and of planetary days and hours, many lessons in astrology, and more.

I invite you to look it over. This program is the most powerful one available for Traditional Astrology and I highly recommend that you explore the review. Friday, July 4, My website search greatly improved! Unfortunately, these searches weren't always successful, but over time I improved the search capabilities, and I recently corresponded with the author of the search engine and now it's working better than ever. You can click here to search my website. Tuesday, July 1, When my email is down: An alternate email address for contacting me Wouldn't you know it, on my birthday this year June 27th , my Internet Service Provider was hacked and all emails written to me bounced back to their senders.

I'm sorry if you tried to write to me that day and couldn't reach me. Here's an alternate email address that you can use if my first one doesn't work: Note: the above is an image, so you can't click on it that's to keep spammers from using it. Tuesday, June 17, The Solar Fire 9 User Guide Because of ecological concerns and printing and shipping costs , astrology software makers and software companies in general have stopped creating printed manuals.

Therefore, one often has to use each program's help functions to learn to use the software. Fortunately, Esoteric Technologies has created an online program manual for Solar Fire 9, which you can explore here , to help you learn to use Solar Fire 9. I also have links to downloadable manuals for previous versions of Solar Fire here and here and here. Each of the downloadable manuals offers a lot, but the last link above is very detailed. Wednesday, June 11, When you order software via download More and more companies are offering their astrology software through me to customers via download.

Here are a few important things to know about getting astrology programs via downloads: 1. It might take a up to a day for them to send you the codes, or more if you order late on Friday or on the weekend all companies are closed on the weekend. I often receive emails from people saying that they didn't get the email. In virtually all cases, the email was sent, but ended up in their Spam or Trash folder. You get the software much faster than by shipping a CD. You get the latest version.