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Chinese Calendar of January 2020

That's when the final result of this huge problem is a fact. Donald Trump's transit horoscope for November 17th , with transit Pluto in a square aspect to his natal Jupiter. So, what can it be? It has to involve what Donald Trump regards as his leisure activities, what he does to enjoy himself. In his case, that's what others would regard as work: building things, expanding his personal "empire" and increasing his real estate assets.

To him, it's really kind of a hobby. And the square to Jupiter reveals that it is going to be costly.

Luck Running Out

His balances are shaken, his securities unsecured. And the deals he trusts are broken. At the same time, Mars is rapidly approaching a conjunction with his natal Jupiter, increasing the crisis and making a dramatic outcome unavoidable. It seems he takes a chance, and it blows up in his face.

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He might be unable to resist an opportunity arising, and then it clashes with the terms on which he profits. In an effort to win it all, he risks losing it all. Or it might be events over which he has no control, but they still strike at him as if he did. It will probably not costs him his presidency, since it is the Pluto aspect by which he also was inaugurated. But to him, it must be a situation as serious and risky as he has ever experienced. It is going to cost him greatly. The real cost of his presidency, which he had a inkling of when inaugurated, but thought he could avoid.

Pluto Again By the way, on February 13th , transit Pluto will form an exact opposition with Saturn in Trump's birth chart. That is also severe, indeed. It happens soon after transit Saturn forms the same aspect, which is discussed below. What the Pluto transit signals, is a dramatic clash between Donald Trump's official duties and personal ambitions. What he must do and what he wants to do are incompatible. He tends to shake such stuff off and pretend it doesn't matter. But this time he cannot.

Like so often, it is his private sphere colliding with his social role and responsibilities. This time more than ever. The crisis is not unlike the one in November, when transit Pluto has a square aspect with Trump's natal Jupiter.

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  6. It's about his personal interests versus his obligations. This time, though, he doesn't risk his fortune. But his reputation. People who trusted him almost blindly lose faith in him. It is evident that he can't have both his elevated status and his own way on the side. Pluto shows that he has already made the blunder, irreparably. So, the question is if he can repair the damage it does to his reputation.

    January 25, Chinese Zodiac,Chinese Calendar,Daily Horoscope

    Probably not. Pluto doesn't compromise. Donald Trump's transit horoscope for February 13th , with transit Pluto in an opposition aspect to his natal Saturn. This crisis is enhanced by transit Saturn already in January having the same opposition aspect with Trump's natal Saturn. Two sinister planets do the same thing, a mere month apart. That also means transit Saturn and Pluto are quite close to having a conjunction at the time.

    It couldn't get worse. Duties of His Own House But already at the outset of his presidency, another complication entered Donald Trump's life. When he was inaugurated, transit Saturn formed an opposition aspect to his natal sun in the 10th House. That means his exalted position led to severe complications for his family and home life - that whole sphere.

    Moving to the White House made it hard for him to handle the duties of his own house, or in his case houses. As Saturn moved away from this aspect, the problem seemed to take care of itself somewhat. But Saturn, too, turns into retrograde. On July 7th , it forms that opposition aspect with Trump's sun again. Around that time, his trouble to make the White House work with his own house and family is again on the table and seems to be insoluble. This means that single Cancers have excellent opportunities this year to find a suitable partner. With Saturn in this 7th house, every romantic commitment is for the long term.

    Jupiter and Pluto make a conjunction in your Wedding House in This conjunction can bring wealth and power to your relationship. Single Cancers will find that they are attracted to partners with a high status. This year you can get all kinds of offers to work with different partners. Follow your first gut feeling and choose with your heart.

    On January 12 , Saturn makes a conjunction with Pluto. It is time to test how well you maintain yourself when you are confronted with the needs of others. Jupiter will be in your Wedding House until December 20 , so that the serious tone of Saturn in relationships is weakened and this ensures a nice balance. In you will become more confident in work and career. This will be noticeable especially in the middle of the summer after a few almost hectic months in late spring.

    Creativity and innovation are the characteristics of this year in terms of work and career.

    Welcome to Stars Over Washington!

    In you will make positive financial progress, Cancer. This requires focus and discipline, but you have these qualities. It would be wise to get your expenses under control and is the time to get external advice on investments and long-term financial obligations. You can gain control over your finances, so that you feel calm and secure.